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Want some great guitar products at heavily discounted prices?  We’re looking for guitar enthusiasts to join our Reviewer Programme and test Guitarology products.
We give the items away for £1 (or sometimes even FREE) in return for some short feedback and a lovely review.


Why are we giving items away for £1 or FREE?
Simple: we need feedback! When we release new products, we need real people to test them and make sure they are of high quality.
Why do I need to leave a review to join the Programme?
We are looking for reliable people to provide feedback and great reviews, so the Programme is only currently open for people who demonstrate these qualities by taking the time to leave a nice review.
How do I join the Programme?
1. Purchase any Guitarology product from Amazon.
2. Leave a nice product review (5-star preferably!) via Amazon.
3. Fill in the form on this page.
4. We’ll verify your review and add you to the Programme.
5. When we have products available for review, we’ll be in touch!
It must be a PRODUCT review, not a SELLER review.
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“I’m a guitar teacher and have many Capos, but the Guitarology one is by far the nicest!” Chris

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