Make your practice time more effective

9 Mar 2015


Practice can sometimes be a tricky process.
It’s very easy to spend ages noodling or playing the same old songs and not feel like you’re getting anywhere. Here are some tips to help make your practice more effective.

Pick up your ukulele every day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

Practice-1 In fact, 10 minutes per day is much more effective than long practices at a weekend. Long practices are tiring so you’ll be more likely to give up, and may forget what you were working on.

As well as practising each day, try and make sure it’s the same time every day. It will become part of your routine. Of course both of these things are much more likely to happen if your ukulele is handy. If you hide it away in its case, it is more effort to get it out. Having it somewhere you can see it is a constant reminder to practise.

Don’t practise where you are likely to be interrupted, and switch off the TV and your phone.

Think about how you organise your practice. Know what it is you want to achieve, and keep a record of what you have done. Have a focus, a target, and try to stick to practising things that will help you achieve it.

You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve by practising little and often!


  • You should always WANT to pick up your ukulele! If you are tired or have lots to do, maybe it isn’t a good time to practise.
  • On the other hand, a practice session may have the added benefit of proving to be a relaxing ten minute break!
  • Be very specific about your targets. Don’t have a daily target to learn a whole song, make that a weekly target. Your daily targets should be small and achievable (for example, plan to really get the hang of that new chord that’s holding you back).
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